ABC Quotes

ABC Quotes

The definition of the future is today

The preachers of past failures are the detractors of the success of the present and jeopardizers of the future

The best asset any good father can will to his children is education because it is the key to an undiluted successful life

Behind every successful woman,there isn't just a woman but a prayerful and hardworking woman.If not every married man would be successful.

Today is older than tomorrow,that is the power of the present.

Keep your maximum focus on the present and a little planning ahead because without the present there is no future.

If you waste my money,you've wasted virtually nothing,but a minute of my time wasted is like the dead body of my lovely wife.So time is more precious than money because it is irrecoverable.

I don't think it is necessary to make it necessary if it is not necessary.

The human memory is highly depreciable,but divine wisdom is everlasting.

To work and study is the most difficult thing to do as I had always said,but to be a christian is second to none in terms of difficulty.

Life is always like driving a car,you can either go forward or backwards.You can never go sideways.The better option,a better life.

If you have life you have money but if you have money you don't have life,for life is like every precious thing you need.

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