Adil Adam Memon Quotes

Adil Adam Memon Quotes

Memories that you remember are Truth of your life .....

Truth is only what we like to hear....

Heart - Family
Body - Lazy
Mind - Work
Soul - Happy

Happiness is a gift which is priceless,
You can only receive it
if you can give it....

Relationships should be like glass .... No matter who sees from what angel .... It should be transparent

When someone comes to you for some help it means Allah has chosen you for gaining some good deeds its upon us how we look at it.....

When everyone disconnects you...
Your Lord connects with you.

Being happy at others cost...not a sign of humanity.

Adapting doesn't mean changing yourself......

Learn when to take step back .... At times it gives you a chance to know yourself better.

Belief that we know all & we are always right
Leads to distance & silence

Keep learning & Keep Expressing....

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