Ahdaf Soueif Quotes

Ahdaf Soueif Quotes

What's twenty years, fifty years in the life of Egypt?
As long as some of us hold on and do what we can.

There's a strength in that look, a wilfulness; one would almost call it defiance except that it is so good-humoured. It is the look a woman would wear - would have worn - if she asked a man, a stranger, say, to dance.

I watch and listen, helpless to help. There is no point in saying "This, too, shall pass," For a time we do not even want it to pass. We hold on to grief, fearing that its lifting will be the final betrayal.

..., living so close to Nature that everything you do is determined by her and each passing minute is felt rather than made use of.

So at the heart of all things is the germ of their overthrow; the closer you are to the heart, the closer to the reversal. Nowhere to go but down. You reach the core and then you're blown away-

Painting is a kind of visual poetry as poetry is a kind of verbal painting.

هل من الضروري ان نستشعر السم في كل شيء في العالم؟

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