Alamvusha Quotes

Alamvusha Quotes

There's always a puppet and a puppeteer in a relationship. Take your time to find out which one you are.

The thing is that when you find true love.... it lives on.
No matter if you two seperate but the love stays alive; broken, gasping for breath, love and affection, but in agony, waiting for everything to end. But Sadly, It lives on... in memories and thought's.

The sound of life, Everyone has got their own song playing in the background of their life , some has melody and some has depressing music and some extra ordinary people are standing their choosing the type of music that they want to play - Be that kind of people.

Ignore the people who are laughing at you right now, because karma is going to screw them as well.

Past is a picture that has been viewed already, and there's nothing more to learn from it, so we need to stop looking at the same picture again and again and start making a better picture for the future, so that when someday we look back the picture's made by us, instead of regretting we cherish it.

Don't go on sharing your secret's with everyone, you have the best safe for your secrets - Your Mind.

The Greatest Companionship you have is your Mind... Your Conscience Mind... The one which talks to you ! The only thing you need to make sure is that; it's positive !

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