Alena Graedon Quotes

Alena Graedon Quotes

Why do you think people stopped reading? We read to connect with other minds. But why read when you're busy writing, describing the fine-grained flotsam of your own life. Compulsively recording every morsel you eat, that you're cold, or, I don't know, heartbroken by a football game. An endless stream flowing to an audience of everyone and no one.

Words, then, are born of worlds. But they also take us places we can’t go: Constantinople and Mars, Valhalla, the Planet of the Apes. Language comes from what we’ve seen, touched, loved, lost. And it uses knowable things to give us glimpses of what’s not. The Word, after all, is God.

To create a word is simple. But to create a world – to think – that’s hard.

If there's something you really want in life - especially if it's something that scares you, or you think you don't deserve - you have to go after it and do it now. Or in not very long you'll be right: you won't deserve it.

I think this had to do with the vintage of his family's money: the older the gold, the less shiny it tends to be.

People become so obsessed with the future, they make it up.

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