Amanda Penland Quotes

Amanda Penland Quotes

Don't worry about the negative people may say about you. Learn from it and move on.

Faith or Worry. Pick one, because you can't have both.

Some of the best advice my aunt gave me was if you want to find out more about something you read.

Love the fact we are not just married but we are best friends.

Life's to short to worry so much about what you get done in one day.

Praying about everything in our lives and keeping quiet can keep us out of a lot of trouble.

Keep in mind the devil will use anything he can to divide, confuse, and stir up trouble. We are to learn to recognize his tricks.

We all have rough times in our lives tears, anger, and more. We have the tools to prepare for them times before they come like studying, memorizing the word, keep God in our lives and believing God's promises.

What would you do if you put your trust and confidence in the Lord ? That he would never leave you, nor forsake you, and that he will do what he promises. Think about it.

It's neat how God puts things in front of us to get his point across.

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