Amy E. Tobin Quotes

Amy E. Tobin Quotes

God created every heart, every person for relationship. Connection has the power to both impact a person's life today as well as their eternal destiny.

Every life has a purpose. The longest life has many stories to tell of the opportunities to witness God's hand. The shortest life holds the eternal treasure of impacting lives as a testimony of God's creation because of a precious heartbeat.

The crimson thread of God's love that weaves its way throughout the story of His mercy in our life, stands out against the backdrop of the darkness which invades any valley.

May the fullness of God's love and His mercy shine as treasures to be found in every horizon.

Praise God for that which draws you to pray.

May the light of God's love lead us always through the valleys.

Your faithfulness and mercies forever abide,we trust in You Jehovah - Ahavah, The Lord is love.

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