Amy Harmon Quotes

Amy Harmon Quotes

I wondered how he'd learned to push the words away, to drown them, to not feel them pounding against his head and his heart, begging to be spoken.

The road was so dimly lighted.
There we;re no highway signs to guide.
But they made up their minds,
If all roads were blind,
They wouldn't give up 'til they died....

Everybody is a main character to someone...

I had feared that if I opened the floodgates I would drown. But as the waves crashed over me, I was not consumed, I was swept up, washed, my soul blanketed with blessed relief.

But maybe you see beauty in me because you are beautiful, not because I am.

I've often thought that beauty can be a
deterrent to love,” Fern's father mused.
“Because sometimes we fall in love with a
face and not what's behind it.

He tried to soften his mouth against hers, tried to tell her he was sorry, but she stayed frozen in his arms, as if she couldn't believe, after everything that had happened, that he thought he could break her heart and take a kiss too.

...and I shut off my anxious heart and my nervous head as dusk descended into another night, another meaningless merging, another attempt to find myself as I gave myself away.

I didn’t know if his art was helping. But Moses’s pictures were like that, glorious and terrible. Glorious because they brought memory to life, terrible for the same reason.
Time softens memories, sanding down the rough edges of death.
But Moses’s pictures dripped with life and reminded us of our loss.

I love you Bonnie. So much that I hurt with it. And I hate it, and I love it, and I want it to go away, and i want it to stay forever....

This place is in my heart, but it can't be my home, not now, maybe not ever..." - Samuel Yates

Love songs or poetry?
Ambrose: Love songs–you get the best of both, poetry set to music.
And you can't dance to poetry.

What softened your heart?" I asked softly.
"Good music and a friend."
I felt my eyes burn a little and turned from him, blinking quickly to lap up the sting of tears. "Music has incredible power"
"So does friendship," he supplied frankly.

My brain is already scrambled enough.”“Cracked,” I said, not thinking.
“Yeah.” Moses scowled.
“Well, it’s working for you.” I turned and looked at my walls. “Cracks and all. In fact, if your brain wasn’t cracked, none of the brilliance could spill out. Do you realize that?

Why don’t you focus on where you’re going and less on where you came from?

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