Angela Thirkell Quotes

Angela Thirkell Quotes

I'm sorry to disturb you, madam,' said Nurse, 'but I thought I'd better speak to you. It's about Miss Delia's knickers' she continued, after a glance at the Vicar and a rapid decision that his cloth protected him. 'She really hasn't a pair fit to wear...

What does Mrs Preston want to go abroad for?' asked Mr Leslie.

'I think her doctor wanted her to, Father,' said Agnes.

'Doctors!' said Mr Leslie, wiping the whole of the Royal College of Physicians off the face of the world with this withering remark.

...And of course they'll get their milk from us, because Gooch's milk in the village really can't be trusted. I do hope, Henry, the vicarage drains are all right if Martin is to go there, because the French are rather vague about drains.'

'Yes, but darling, they aren't bringing their drains with them'...

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