Ankala V Subbarao Quotes

Ankala V Subbarao Quotes

Gratitude comes in a spectrum of colors, but Ingratitude is always black.

Do not bite more than you can chew; Do not chew more than you can swallow and do not swallow more than you can digest

Failure is a stepping stone for Success.....and Success may become a stepping stone for Excess!!

Nature is the best Time-keeper.

For the first 30years of life, you keep learning. The rest of your life you keep unlearning what you had learnt

The caterpillar becomes a pupa to meditate and then becomes a butterfly

Caveman used to be a hunter-gatherer...Modern man hunts for jobs(if he wants to be an employee) and for heads (if he is an employer), and later gathers paper in the form of currency notes, contracts, policies or shares.

Debt trap can sometimes become a Death trap.

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