Anna Jae Quotes

Anna Jae Quotes

I stretched to reach the words, but my hands were too small to carry them home.

Music itself has taught me never to underestimate a mistake, for, in the midst of all, it’s often in that mistake where the realm of the unexpected creation is hidden.

te midden van
verwrongen doch schijnbaar
bevind ik mij
schouder aan schouder
met de tijd
haar schaterlach
weerkaatst tegen de muren
van het eindeloze
verstart de wijzers
voor een ogenblik
wat eens was
zo blijkt
een illusie.

Temporary? Time is temporary.
Tijdelijk? Tijd is tijdelijk.

After each book the world changes in my eyes, i have become more suspicious and eager at the same time.

there is no universal rule for beauty. If we must speak of rules in this respect, we mustn’t be surprised to find as many rules as there are people in this world!

Distant throbs at armslength.

What could ever tempt me to share my pain? Why willingly increase it by coming close to another human being, inevitable causing severe damage with the sharp edges of my broken heart?

When I am awake, I sleep, but when I dream I come to life.

You know that feeling of relief as soon as you wake up from a bad dream? That is what I feel as soon as I fall asleep.

Het mooiste van muziek laat zich niet vastleggen.

At times, I get to look music in the face and I can’t help to either cry or blush a little every time I do.

Maar ik creëer niet, ik onderga.
but I do not create, I undergo.

i am an exile in my own life.

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