Anne Bishop Quotes

Anne Bishop Quotes

The sweatshirt was big on her and she looked ridiculous. He liked it. And he liked that she was wearing something that carried his scent.

He stopped pacing and looked at her as if she'd just asked him to count every leaf on every tree in the Old Place. "Because... you're you.

Some men die for lack of love…some die because of it. Think about it." - Daemon

A woman with an education may be able to spend more time sitting in a chair instead of lying on her back. A sound advantage, I should think.

Nathan said nothing for a moment. Then, "There’s nothing in my fur, is there?"
Simon gave the other Wolf a careful look. “No boogers.”   
"Good. I hate washing boogers out of fur."
“Who doesn’t? What comes out of human noses is disgusting...

Okay. I picked up a movie to watch tonight. You can watch it with me if you like. It's a chick movie. Merri Lee said that means girls like it, not that there are small birds in it.

We are what we are. Nothing more, nothing less. There is good and evil among every kind of people. It's the evil among us who rule now.

We know how it ends practically before it starts. That's why stories appeal to us. They give us the clarity and simplicity our real lives lack.

She was the most painful, most glorious dance of his life

Perhaps not willingly, but pain can make a man do things he wouldn't willingly do.

Not fault of teaching spider if little spider pay more attention to catching fly than doing lesson.

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