Arthur Rimbaud Quotes

Arthur Rimbaud Quotes

True alchemy lies in this formula: ‘Your memory and your senses are but the nourishment of your creative impulse’.

I turned silences and nights into words. What was unutterable, I wrote down. I made the whirling world stand still. such thing.

Whatever it is that binds families and married couples together, that's not love. That's stupidity or selfishness or fear. Love doesn't exist.

Self interest exists, attachment based on personal gain exists, complacency exists. But not love. Love has to be reinvented, that’s certain.

Morality is the weakness of the mind.

O seasons, O castles,
What soul is without flaws?
All its lore is known to me,
Felicity, it enchants us all.

À l'aurore, armés d'une ardente patience, nous entrerons aux splendides Villes.

(In the dawn, armed with a burning patience, we shall enter the splendid Cities.)

I have stretched ropes from steeple to steeple; Garlands from window to window; Golden chains from star to star ... And I dance.

L'aube exalteé ainsi qu'un peuple de colombes, et j'ai vu quelquefois ce que l'homme a cru voir!

(And dawn, exalted like a host of doves - and then I've seen what men believe they've seen!)

Cela s'est passé. Je sais aujourd'hui saluer la beauté.

In the great glasshouses streaming with condensation, the children in mourning-dress beheld marvels.

A thousand Dreams within me softly burn:
From time to time my heart is like some oak
Whose blood runs golden where a branch is torn.

But the problem is to make the soul into a monster

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