Avis J. Williams Quotes

Avis J. Williams Quotes

the world is not perfect, you need to find a place that is perfect for you

Your reality is a reflection of yourself

respond rather than react to situations, people or environment. Let go of limiting emotions such as fear, frustration and anger and start to express your emotions to others, this is essential to a healthy wellbeing.

Without thoughts the mind cannot exist only consciousness

you know things, without knowing how you know, but you know it is true

We are already abundant, we have everything we need within us, to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

You are consciousness within your body and mind

Let go of how you perceive others and how others perceive you.

The universe only exist within us. All of what is outside of us is also within us.

Focus on what you can do right now, not what you can't do right now

To change your life, you need to become aware of yourself

Thoughts create emotions, emotions create feelings and feelings create behaviour. So it’s very important that our thoughts are positive, to attract the right people, events and circumstances into our lives.

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