Balroop Singh Quotes

Balroop Singh Quotes

Nobody introduces us to inspiration…it glows in our thoughts, it lives in our heart,
It is all around us in the form of sunshine, in the clouds. It changes our reality - choice lies with us.

Desire lies dormant in our hearts; slowly it keeps getting stronger and ignites the will to succeed.

Hope is that bird, which keeps humming into our ears that the success we seek, is attainable.

Oh! The blissful sounds of nature
Sink deep into your heart
Give eternal joy,
All anxiety melts away.

Every morning I wake up with your thoughts
Holding my heart as if it would break
I know my pain doesn’t reach you
Will I ever stop loving you?

Leave the door to happiness always ajar;
The key to that door lies in our hearts
Let happiness just sneak in!

Oh! my pain!
Now I have embraced you,
Conquered you!
You have become my antidote,
You can no longer break my spirit.

The power of prayer is so profound that it can assuage our emotions. It calms the mind, dilutes all our worries, gives an anchor to fears and endows us with a remarkable peace of mind.

Any so-called fetters do not bind youngsters because they have the power and the tactics to break them in their own adroit ways!

Music has always assuaged my lacerations, brightened my hours, added glow to my little joys and given wings to my fantasy flights.

A good book is like a stream, with which we can flow slowly, playfully, it lets us savor the joy of weaving the magic of lovely thoughts, revealing the secrets of life with beautiful words.

Aspirations don’t make poets, perseverance does. Flow with the emotions, let your imagination soar, find what ignites the fire within and let it go wild.

When you start living under the shadow of somebody, you lose your own personality and your own passions.

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