Baptist De Pape Quotes

Baptist De Pape Quotes

Animals and nature are known to open our hearts, calm us, and reduce blood pressure and stress.

Be aware of the abundance of life right now.

If you remain stuck in the past, clinging to the baggage of old disappointments or relationships, you block yourself off from the riches of the present. If you worry too much about tomorrow, you can't hear your heart today.

It turns out that there are many powers of the heart-among them intuition, intention, gratitude, forgiveness, resilience, and, of course, love.

When you open to your heart, your entire world changes-it opens up around you. You see yourself as part of a friendly universe, one that is full of possibility, one that is generating and regenerating a positive energy.

... without a doubt the heart is an inexhaustible source of love, insight, and intelligence that far surpasses that of the mind.

You are here to live from the heart.

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