Benjamin Suulola Quotes

Benjamin Suulola Quotes

Success is about HOLDING ON when others are losing grip on their FAITH.

It is possible to start enjoying personal fulfillment in life through your work. But you need to answer the question: What exactly do I want to do with my life?

Our lives are defined by choices; even the ones we refuse to make. It’s never too late or too early to be whoever God want you to be.

Once you have discover the exact thing you want to do with your life, do not delay any longer. Do something to move your life in the same direction.

You can change the course of your destiny if you will be bold, no matter what it may cost you – be bold to start doing what you really what to do with your life.

Until God’s Word becomes a Picture that you can see, it cannot become a reality in which you can feature.

As long you are still living, you can achieve far more than you could ever imagined

When you are overwhelmed by your circumstances and it seems things are getting tougher, remember that God is still faithful and His faithfulness endures forever.

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