Brenna Yovanoff Quotes

Brenna Yovanoff Quotes

In his youth, he was electrified. The stars were moving in his bloodstream. He would not have been cowed by the customs of an earthly monarch. When he loved, it was with a heat and a desperation that he carried like a sword. He loved in the way that Greeks burned cities.

I wanted to tell her that I loved her, and not in the complicated way I loved our parents, but in a simple way I never had to think about. I loved her like breathing.

La verdad es que no nos gustan los nombres. Cuando le pones nombre a algo, le quitas parte de su poder. Se vuelve algo conocido. Nos han llamado muchísimas cosas: los buenos vecinos, los seres mágicos. Los grises, los antiguos, los otros. Espíritus y fantasmas y demonios. En Gentry nunca nos han dado un nombre. Aquí no somos nada.

Because I was conceived and born and I grew up. I'm breathing and my heart is beating and as much as it hurts ― as much searing, monumental pain it causes me ― I have to exist.

I had only to remember that centuries before, men fell in battle for the daughter of Troy, that passions carried greater weight than decorum. It took so little to prove that human life and property are devastatingly temporary. All she had to do was lie down for a prince. They burned the city to the ground.

The new mythology of love was that it bent to the fashion of the day, obligated to take the shape of doves, lilies, jewels. This is a lie. Love is sometimes as passionate as war.

There was so much about our past that I still didn't understand, and I wasn't one to tell the future. I could only tell the way the world worked. History was a tangled thing, people were resilient, and the one constant law of the world was that it would heal.

Tender," she said again. "Tender is kind and gentle. It's also sore, like the skin around an injury.

When I press my forehead to his back, the shape of his pain is alluring, almost visible. It forms him, tells him to protect himself, makes him everything he is. He needs to keep it.

People do that sometimes. Change.

Thinking of this friend I had. This friend I loved and keep loving-dead, but never really gone.

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