Brittany L. Engels Quotes

Brittany L. Engels Quotes

Face me and learn that I’m not alone, attack and you’ll find that my Leader stands beside me. I will bleed and I may die, but this warrior will not be shaken!” -Regan

I might not have faith in many things, but I do have faith in this; that the one who sent me out will allow me to finish the mission.” -Regan

If darkness was meant to rule it wouldn’t be chased away by the Light.” -Sheelagh

This trail is never-changing, it won’t lead you astray. It won’t always be easy to follow and at times it will look too narrow for your paws. Follow it anyway, and you’ll overcome every challenge you face.” -Faolan

The best things in this world are meant to be fought for." -Kearney

Maybe it's not about being worthy, or what you have to offer. If it was, wouldn't everyone be turned away?" -Niall

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