Brother Andrew Quotes

Brother Andrew Quotes

We have to live a life that is more revolutionary than that of the revolutionaries.

Don't curse the darkness but light a candle.

The bigger the darkness, the easier it is to spot your little light.

Of course it's dangerous. But it's a lot more dangerous for all of us if we don't do it. Even in a conquering army there are casualties. Safety is not the issue when we look at the Great Commission. The purpose of the church cannot be to survive, or even to thrive, but to serve.

Christians need a new filling of the Holy Spirit to love those who disagree with them. And the greatest expression of love is to share with them the most precious thing a Christian has, which is the good news of the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Don't bring Hollywood; bring Christ. Don't bring power. Don't bring just your money. Bring love. Bring the kingdom.

One man with God is a majority.

The work of the church is not survival. She exists to fulfill the Great Commission.

The enemy is fierce and he would like for you to think that he has on. Don't believe his lie.

Don't complain to yourselves that you can't go to the mission field! Thank God for bringing the mission field to you!

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