Carl Lomer Abia Quotes

Carl Lomer Abia Quotes

Nothing feels as good as having you in my life. You make me whole and brought joy to my little world. I'm blessed because of loving you.

When you truly love a person, problems and heartaches are normal because even if the mind gets angry the heart still cares.

God is not a God of religion because He is personal. He deals with every one of us personally and no matter who we are He loves us unconditionally because God is love.

It is the moment when you say, "I can't" that God says, "You can." That's the reason why "G" comes first before "I" so that we should always ask from God first before we can finally say "God can" what "I can't

God's promises are always yes. It only takes faith and obedience to recognize them. When you do, claim them with sincerity in your heart.

I always pray to God that every day when I wake up I'll treat it as if it is the last so that I will spend the rest of my life proving to you how much I love you.

You are made precious and pure that every single part of you is the treasure that a man would be grateful for. Above all, you are made by the love of God that a man would always say, "I do." with a joy in his heart.

God's promises are great and he never fails to reveal it every single moment.

Let your doubts and fears be replaced with faith. Let your hatred and bitterness be replaced with love. Above all, let God's will be done in your life.

The time will come when a realization says it all.

You are a woman who is beautifully created by the love of God and should not be taken for granted because you are the precious daughter of God.

Be grateful having that woman in your life. Accept her weaknesses and love her sincerely because that's her beauty beyond the imperfections.

When you finally found the woman for you, never miss a chance to take good care of her. She may not be perfect, but she's worth loving. Look beyond her imperfections and you'll see, you will be grateful having her for the rest of your life.

A woman is an angel of God, so ask her from God through prayer and take good care of her. Love her as how much God has loved and valued her.

Blessings and guidance from God come to those who have a surrendered heart.

Jesus saved you not to remain yourself as who you are but to change yourself for the glory of God.

The soul of the recipe comes from the one who create it.

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