Carl William Brown Quotes

Carl William Brown Quotes

Publicity is the soul of stupidity, but we must not forget that we live in a stupid universe, so publicity is the engine of our world.

How can you fight stupidity effectively? The answer is simple: it’s not easy.

Hegel used to say that the familiar, precisely because it is familiar, remains unknown. That’s why we don't know so much about stupidity.

The reading of good books could soothe human stupidity, the problem is that human stupidity does not like to read.

Reciprocal marketing, promotions and links. In public good experiments, behavioral economists have demonstrated that the potential for reciprocal actions by players increases the rate of contribution to the public good, providing evidence for the importance of reciprocity in social situations.

Life and art are nothing but associations of ideas and sorrows that nourish our illusory quest for the Holy Grail of human existence. It’s a mystery!

Since Shakespeare had a feel for revolutionary rhetoric, let’s all cry: “Peace, freedom and liberty!

I am a scholar of stupidity, so thanks for existing.

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