Cassandra King Quotes

Cassandra King Quotes

Some might say we lose ourselves in a good book. In truth, we find ourselves.

Remember what your mama told you about honey and vinegar: Be nice, and you’ll catch more flies, if nothing else.

Sometimes we laugh to keep from crying, but the important thing is to laugh, every chance we get.

Be nice to people whether you mean it or not. You never know when a kind word can make a difference in another person’s day – or maybe even his or her life.

Once you’re out of the classroom, you might vow never to open another book, after being force-fed their contents for so many years. But know this: Books are the most worthy companions to take with you on this bitter-sweet journey known as life.

Listen to me instead of your financial manager: It’s okay to spend money, to save it, to give it away, to worry over it. It’s just money. Your only enemy in life is time. Do be miser with time: hoard it, treasure it, don’t squander a single minute of it.

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