Cassia Leo Quotes

Cassia Leo Quotes

We may only ever have one great, passionate love, but sometimes it’s best to leave that kind of love in the past. A love like that can’t last forever.

The quickest path to self-destruction is to push away the people you love.

This is a place where books are treasured – books that hold the sweetly magical smell of history; books that crackle when you open them and sigh when you close them; books that weigh heavy in your hands, not just your heart.

This is called ‘Black Box’, for the girl who holds the key to mine.

You'll always be the deepest scar on my heart.

To love is to destroy pain.
I love your heart.

The pain is just a subtle reminder of how alive you made me feel.

Basically, love and hate activate similar circuits in the brain, but hate also activates the circuits used for rational thought. Which means, when you hate my adorable lips, you're thinking quite clearly, unlike when you think of how I love you and you turn unto a pile of irrational mush. In other words, you love me with all your circuits.

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