Cedric Nye Quotes

Cedric Nye Quotes

Sometimes you have to do something ugly so that something beautiful can grow.

When it's my time, and the reaper calls my name, there will be no stink of fear on me, and my only wish will be to die with grace, covered in the blood of my enemies.

Jango danced; and the tune that he danced to was Death.

She watched as the dancing lights of madness swirled and flickered in his eyes like the fires of hell, and she knew that there would never be anything that could quench those fires except death. Vanessa knew that Jango had become his own Grim Reaper.

I'm a man born to blood and pain, and peace would be a killing blow for me.

Nothing good is free, and nothing free is good. You want the world to change, you have to force that change behind gun smoke and lead. Blood is the price, always and ever, if you want to buy freedom.

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