Chandan Sharma Quotes

Chandan Sharma Quotes

If you haven't fall in love haven't experienced true pain and happiness.

Being a word wielder is far better than being a sword wielder. Greatest thing is you can still change the world.

We create words, words create wonders.

The stories are not made, they are discovered.

If you keep wondering about how bad is your life, you wont be able to work towards its betterment.

People who say they don't have time, in fact have no plans to do anything.

Sleeping' is being 'awake' in a world you want to be in.

How old you would become if you don't know how young you are.

We are like broom. We keep on trying to wipe out emotions from our life but during the course we always remain with it.

Love is a trance between which oscillates between hormones and emotions.

Life is not about being complacent, its all about being competent.

Excess of happiness and excess of sorrow, both are hazardous. Emotions require a balanced diet too.

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