Chip Kidd Quotes

Chip Kidd Quotes

Did they want what I wanted?
Did they want to understand, to unlock it? To decode it? To glean, to touch, to learn, to get something, to proceed, to get somewhere, to graduate, to work, to thrive; to someday, sometime, finally earn the luxury, the permission to … stop, to stop all of this, to relax, and forget?

Nothing worth knowing can ever be taught in a classroom.

Never let your mouth write a check that your ass can't cash.

Commercial Art tries to make you buy things. Graphic Design gives you ideas.

It's not Art. And Art is not Design.

(...) photography opened up quite a little Pandora's box, kiddies. (...) Once we no longer had to depend on drawing and painting to record our existence - once they became an option - they mutated . . . into a form of expression. And Art for its own sake, God help us, was born.

But at the end of the day, you can't major in Making Stuff, so it was Art by default.

Graphic Design for its own sake will never happen, because the concept cancels itself out - a poster about nothing other than itself is not Graphic Design, it's … makin' ART.

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