Craig Froman Quotes

Craig Froman Quotes

Wander with intent
into a garden glorious.
Walk with double brisk
upon edenic paths.
Flee the cursing fear
that lights upon your eye.
Seize the twisted dream
that strangles earth and sky.

I long to drift through turquoise skies;
race the wind in rampant flight.
Ruddy chains have framed my eyes,
they seize my heart and stain the light.

This morning I breathe iced air,
and wander toward the waves.
For a moment I live without care;
a moment all my heart craves.

Some say the ocean roars,
I hear it ever weeping.
Weep, ocean, weep for those gone before.
Weep, O sea, for the open graves that fill your shore.

I am a waning bird
encased in a glass sphere;
I cannot see my prison,
and my cries no one can hear.

I walk the sand alone,
and feel it stirring as I roam,
upon this breathing earth,
where wave on wave begins new birth.
I sense a grand facade,
where colors paint the hand of God.
And in remorseful pain,
I dance the stones of bitter strain.

In freedom you form in utter disgrace,
the bars of my prison this night.
While you drift on currents of seraphim heights,
it is I who deserve to take flight.

Peace is not found in the sea.
It is found when I dream of eternity.

I roamed alone;
O, barren dreams.
My echoed voice,
what lonely comfort.
Here is my salvation:
I hear the triumph drum;
the rhythm of the rising,
the long-awaited sun.

If only I had feathered wings,
that could bend and curve and reach,
beyond imagined dreams,
unhindered by the weight of earth.

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