Cyc Jouzy Quotes

Cyc Jouzy Quotes

You Will Never Live A Perfect Life - Getting In A Relationship Is Like Diving In A Sea, You Can Drown And Whales And Sharks Can Kill You. On The Other Hand, Being Single Is Like Staying Away From That Water, You Will Starve.

Love life comes last in my life. I put real life first.

It takes a spiritual soldier to maintain salvation.

The moment you start to fear God is the moment demons begin to fear you.

Wake Up At The Most Silent Time And Read The BIBLE.

Most Kids Are Confused Whether School Is More Important Than God Or God Is More Important.

I Think The Fact That A Human Being Created "Dettol" ... A Product Which Protects You 99%
You Should Learn That Nothing In This World Can Do It 100% Except God.

There Is Only One Gospel... But The Preaching Is Different.

Life Consists Of Many Things But You Have To Do One Thing... And That Thing Is Living For God.

Remember You Cant Do Many Things At Once.

Life Would've Been Easier If The People Had Crushes On Jesus Christ.. Not Other People.

Don't Copy What Someone Is Doing, Copy What God Wants You To Do.

Trust God To Do Things It His Way... Not Your Way.


GOD Doesn't Follow Your Timetable... And You Will Never Know His Timetable.

In your mind you are cheating somebody, but in reality you are cheating yourself.

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