David J. Martinez Quotes

David J. Martinez Quotes

words heal, and actions hurt. and so if I were to say let your words speak louder than your actions so many people wouldn't understand the concept and that's fine but see I've seen words dream, bring hope, bring peace, & bring love. and while actions stayed the same, and never moved, words moved, words changed, words acted, & words spoke.

how you feel in words is still an action.. because it takes years to express them, time to get them just right, effort to mean them, courage to show them, & dedication to live up to them.

every woman is beautiful
beyond what a magazine can see,
whether she's a size larger than 10
or a size smaller than 3.

all that it takes is one smile to attract someone,
but it takes one brain to explain to one heart
why they both can fall in love with one person.

my brain said out loud that I love you, & my heart asked why.. and my brain said because.. and my heart said be more specific, and so my brain held up a picture of your smile to show my heart, and my heart fell in love with you too.

love someone, who reminds you to love yourself.

love is never blind, because love is always aware. and if you're never aware, you will always be blind.

my brain is my boss, and I'm my brain's worst employee

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