David V. Gaggin Quotes

David V. Gaggin Quotes

When we focus on winning the battle for material gains,we end up losing spiritual war.If we had a better self of ethics we would be better prepared to deal with the complicated world in which we find ourselves.

Karma assures justice for all.

It helps to think of a self as being like a drop of water that goes into the ocean and becomes one with the ocean.Each drop still exists but is now part of a much larger entity; yet it still does its small part as an element of the ocean.As significant as a single drop may appear,if it were not for all the drops,there would be no ocean.

The All is in all,and all is in The All.

Spirits are all equal.

We will not suffer If we do not cause others to suffer.

The Universal Consciousness's feeling is unqualified love for all of its creatures,no matter how foolish and desperate they act.

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