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Type: Poet

Born: 11 March 1959 Peć, Serbia


His poetry is characterized by a recognizable system of thought and poetic devices, bordering on philosophy, and, overall, it has a highly reflective tone. According to the critic Petar V. Arbutina, “Stojanović belongs to the small and autochthonous circle of poets who have been the main creative and artistic force of the Serbian poetry in the last several decades." Poetry: (1993) Krugovanje: 1978–1987; English translation: Circling: 1978–1987; (1998) Krugovanje – 2nd edition; English translation: Circling: 1978–1987 – 2nd edition; (1999) Sunce sebe gleda; English translation: The Sun Watches the Sun; (2000) Znak i njegova deca; English translation: The Sign and its Children; (2000) Oblik; English translation: The Shape; (2000) Tvoritelj, English translation: The Creator; (2000) Krugovanje – 3rd edition; English translation: Circling – 3rd edition; (2007) Ples vremena; English translation: Dance of Time.

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