Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana Quotes

Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana Quotes

Envy is the slow poison that finally slaughters peace.

We, the human race, are so accustomed to having instead of being. What wastage of the revelations and magic in every moment.

Sometimes stepping away from what you desire the most, is the best action to take: because it gives the process the momentum to take its own course.

Minds of the same set, flock together." Who you are hanging out with says a lot about who you are.

Walking in shoes bigger than your feet, will inspire gravity to pull you down."
Let's be grateful for what fits us...for what we have.

Success in whatever format it prevails is founded on how deeply we master the inner workings of our minds.

Grounding is taking a conscious effort to retract oneself from the world’s distractions, and then focusing on listening to isolate the voice of God within from the voice of the ego. The voice of God within is where all the answers lie.

When others repulse you, it’s a definite message from God that "He/She" will pave a way for you even when there seems none.

Attitude-flexibility is the mentality that helps us to smoothly persevere through turbulent times

When we are unable to shine that natural light within, it burns us from our very core.

The only place where to experience the invisible future is in the mind. The relationships we have with our minds make all the difference.

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