Durgesh Satpathy Quotes

Durgesh Satpathy Quotes

Being in home is like magic moments, in a magic world, among magicians.

God gifted a Zoo; with a paralyzed care taker.

was it scripted by God or I am playing with my life.

Some wounds; never reflects on the skin, but kills us slowly from inside.

It will be better to spent our energy on reality; the tangible facts, not thoughts of the past.

I can’t help you, I can only guide you, and you are the one who can help yourself.

Nothing is permanent in my mysterious world, even my moments of belief - Jenifer

Every time I look into her eyes, I get a positive inspiration to serve humanity.

God is a creation of human brain

Journey becomes difficult when we know the destination but not aware of the right path, may be the supreme power testing your moral and physical stamina.

It's not life situations but our thoughts are the pilots of grief.

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