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Type: Writer

Born: 0


"While music was my major, I love to write, and so writing has taken over as you see! Obviously the Blarney 'Gift of the Gab' has affected my penmanship, everyone says I write too much! Hey! I like big books and I cannot lie - E A Bucchianeri.

E A Bucchianeri enjoys the academic and artistic side of life: ancient texts and the Great Books, theology, philosophy, mysticism,fantasy, science fiction, funny things, a good clean love story, plus classical music and musical theatre. She is half Irish, half Italian, which probably explains her interest in music, writing, travel and good food.

Selected works:

  • Brushstrokes of a Gadfly
  • Phantom Phantasia: Poetry for the Phantom of the Opera Phan
  • We Are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny
  • Handel's Path to Covent Garden

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