Emery Lord Quotes

Emery Lord Quotes

Because with true friends, no one is keeping score. But it still feels good to repay them – even in the tiniest increments.

This is the currency of friendship, traded over years and miles, and I hope it's an even exchange someday. For now, I do what all best friends do when there's nothing left to say. We lie together in all the darkness, shoulder to shoulder, and wait for the worst to be over.

Laughter feels like our flotation device - it won't pull us out of the storm, but it might carry us through, if we can just hang on.

In the moments when I feel like being truly happy is an impossible puzzle, one I'm not meant to figure out, if you have a best friend you can laugh with and a few good songs you're more than halfway there.

I can't surround myself with people who are hiding their pain beneath swagger and a grin.

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