Emma Rose Kraus Quotes

Emma Rose Kraus Quotes

You're insane.' The officer says, shaking his head, 'What about the Bible? What about the Good Word?'
'Oh, that's all made up, ain't it?' She tells him with a shrug, 'I ain't done most of the stuff that you says I done.

When I was seven I believed in God so I told Him I was sorry about kicking my sister and to “please not condemn me to eternal suffering in the interminable fires of Perdition for my transgressions.

The leaves drifted silently to the ground in the crisp autumn air. I inhaled deeply, the smell of burning bonfires far, far away enchanting my nostrils.
Autumn had come early this year and I was excited for the change in colors that had already begun to take over the trees of the forest that surrounded Grandmother’s house.

I once heard that contractions are like this: a belt around your middle that is tightened agonizingly in ever elongating instances that arrange themselves in a pattern of pain.

The Girl does not dream. The Girl has never dreamed.

So ask me if I am alright.
'I’m fine; I’m always fine.'
You see this look in my eyes.
'No, I’m fine. I am always fine.'
There is a corpse behind my smile.
'Listen, I am fine. Always, always fine as fine can be.'
'Are you okay?'
'I am more than okay. I am more than fine. I am wonderful!

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