Emmanuel Aghado Quotes

Emmanuel Aghado Quotes

You know you're in lust when you're quick to fall into a reverie because dreams seem better than reality.

This life is ironic: for it takes pain to discover pleasure; it takes sadness to know happiness; it takes war to value peace; and it takes hatred to treasure love.
[Culled from: "Amara & The Strange Elderly Woman"]

She's SINGLE doesnt really mean she's AVAILABLE.
She's IN A RELATIONSHIP doesnt really mean she's NOT INTERESTED.
She's ENGAGED doesnt really mean IT'S OVER.

Some are born rich
While others poor;
Some are born free
While others captives;
Some are born blessed
While others deprived;
Some are born strong
While others weak;
And some are born great
While others slaves.
It is only in this life
blessings are unequal.

If you love three people at the same time, choose the first one, because if there was a 4th or 5th one, you might still fall for them.

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