Gangai Victor Quotes

Gangai Victor Quotes

True worship leaders worship the Lord at all times and use songs only when necessary.

The Word is light and the Holy Spirit is oxygen; to pray is to see and breathe.

God is not an audiophile demanding the best possible stage sound.

If the Cross is God’s masterpiece of His love, then the Eucharist is the centerpiece of our worship.

Worship must occupy us full-time for a lifetime because our final destination is Heaven - it’s no place for part-time lovers!

Leading worship is about a heart that craves to magnify the Lord!

We were so created to worship God that it is probably embedded in our spiritual DNA itself!

If Jesus is not the focus, the worship is bogus.

if we fail to root ourselves in Scripture, our souls will be starved for Christ.

if you want more of Jesus, give Him more of yourself

the heart of worship is all about living a life yielded to God in every possible way.

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