Gary Rohrmayer Quotes

Gary Rohrmayer Quotes

Leading a missional church is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and to lead the church beyond it personal limits.

Leaders are passionate learners. Leaders are always seeking ways to improve themselves by sharpening their skills. They fully embrace the fact that growing leaders lead growing organizations.

Suspicion is like a cankerworm that slowly eats away at relationships.

As missional leaders we need to see God as:

Bigger than the problems we endure.
Bigger than the pressures we experience.
Bigger than the people who criticize us.
Bigger than the pain we suffer.
Bigger than the praise we receive.
Bigger than the pride in our hearts.

A hardness to change reveals a hardness of heart.

When a leader is at their limit the last thing they want to hear is that they need to change even more. Maintaining good rhythms of rest, exercise and fun create more energy for a leader to be willing and open for change.

Change leads to growth. Resistance leads to rigidity. Rigidity leads to ...

Change is inevitable! Repentance is the Christian constant!

Repentance is a softening of ones heart and a realigning of ones affections.

Coachable people seek out those who speak truth to them, even if it is a painful truth, because it protects them and it makes them a better person and leader.

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