Gaurav GRV Sharma Quotes

Gaurav GRV Sharma Quotes

Sometimes our some words makes long distance.

An artist is always at work, whether it be anywhere.

Feels sometimes I am working in a Jail, but when I Concentrate on my work, then I forget all my troubles.

Sometimes Jealousy is the important in our work to do better from others.

So what, if I am bright, I am also the one from you. Right?

If you have the key to success, then no one door can stop you.

FEAR, is just the Foolish Excuses Against Risk.

The Beauty of Nature is, this is for me & I am for it.

If your intentions are sincere, then do not think what people will say.

I don't care about this thing people care me or not, but I care you because it is my job.

Silence is not our weakness, this is the power to forgive and accept you.

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