George Alexiou Quotes

George Alexiou Quotes

The relationship you take for granted is the one that needs the greatest work.

Kindness is a currency that can cover a multitude of interpersonal debts.

Friendship is thinking of the other person first.

You and your purpose in life are the same thing. Your purpose is to be you.

What is given to you is what is needed; what you want, requires giving up what you don't need.

Nothing that happens to you was meant to be. The only thing about you that was meant to be is you. Blaze your own trail.

As you change your point of view, your views bring about a change in you.

When you wake up each morning with a burning passion to accomplish a goal, you've already won the day.

Happiness has no time limits or conditions; the only requirement is to give it away.

Success follows those who champion a cause greater than themselves.

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