Geraldine Brooks Quotes

Geraldine Brooks Quotes

Even the ordinary business of cleaning house seemed somehow to have become sacramental.

A book is more than the sum of its materials. It is an artifact of the human mind and hand.

Book burnings. Always the forerunners. Heralds of the stake, the ovens, the mass graves.

Time turned into a rope that unraveled as a languid spiral.

Who is the brave man-he who feels no fear? If so, then bravery is but a polite term for a mind devoid of rationality and imagination.

To know a man's library is, in some measure, to know a man's mind.

It is a great thing to be young and to live without pain. And yet it is a blessing few of us count until we lose it.

From "Caleb's Crossing"-This is an excellent thought about family though it doesn't apply to me. I am lucky in my brothers.

"Now, of all times in my life, did I wish Caleb truly was my brother, rather than that selfish, imperious, weak-willed soul to whom fate had shackled me.

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