H. Kirk Rainer Quotes

H. Kirk Rainer Quotes

You cannot begin to understand the failure of marriage - or the living of these ideas commitment or covenant - without considering and factoring in the devaluing of fatherhood. The two are inextricably linked and dependent.

I am grieved for my children - and boy’s in particular - that this modern age is emasculating men under the guise of “the best interest of the children”.

No terms, no conditions, no promises, no commitment, and no institution - but only another example of what happens when law and politics attempt to regulate a religious institution.

If there is such a thing as depression and despair, I experienced it during the months leading-up to and following the divorce. Insomnia, constant and uncontrollable thoughts and a deep sense of loss were among the conditions of my life. Was I depressed? Yes, I was very much so and, what’s worse, was determined to do nothing immediately for it.

In the depression, was I ever suicidal; or in other words, did I ever think about taking my life? I’m not sure if I ever pondered this act but, honestly, I did not care whether I lived or died; for to me, death had already taken place - and it seemed to be worse as disbelief gave way to shock…and then reality.

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