Hamzatribah Quotes

Hamzatribah Quotes

I hate our current leaders becouse they don't know the value of there people, but like there ideas because it will soon turn against them and any of there kind.

single universe, many planets,many continents, and many countries, my country Nigeria will never be like others.

Dear my little children I work hard so as to make your lives better. so don't rest until you do thesame to your own children.

in every 1st October we Nigerians helps very few of us celebrate there independence, very. soon. we will celebrate our own.

I love Nigerians becouse they're extra ordinary people they make impossible to be possible.

I hate neutrality becouse is the worst thing that ever happened

from 1960-2015 Nigerians live under the rules of those who are above the law, but from 2015 we hope for a little change, and if there is no change in 2015, only God knows what will happened.

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