Hannah Kilfoyle Quotes

Hannah Kilfoyle Quotes

I've learned that a conceivably detrimental lifestyle will only accepted in the form of a paperback novel.

I will see every thing I dream to see, I will have every thing I dream to have.
But I fear that once I have attained all of my dreams
That all of my nightmares will follow.

The sun leaves me to silence
Before my eyes adjust
My ears are tuned for violence
My jaw begins to rust
His words wrap all about me
And heavy as they seem
They do not feel as filthy
As leaving them in dreams

My Life glass lays on its sides,

Lodging new and old sand hives.

Longing for a crack to slip through,

Lying for their lack of plain clue.

Lounging loosely on each end,

Laughing to be spent or spend.

My dirt clock is lazy still,

I beg God, one end to fill.

And it never mattered who the man I portrayed him to be was.
The memory was in the same place as the fantasy, and that place was proven so contorted, convoluted, I'm unsure if I ever told the truth.

The muscles behind both eyes hurt
and the skin all down the front
is swelling from the veins burst
though the circles look less sunk. Tears did fill them in though
and I did push the waves
right from my own souls windows
to water down it's grave

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