Heather Day Gilbert Quotes

Heather Day Gilbert Quotes

I wish I could fly like that hawk, rising and falling with the still spaces in the air, far above all this sickness and death and evil.

There are times when the evil seems so impenetrable, the wickedness so victorious, you don't even know how to hope. But then the good news bursts in, as impossible to deny as it is to believe.

I'm not surprised he wants to challenge me here, where no one can protect me. He thinks I'm a weak woman. He thinks wrong.

Sometimes I feel so entangled with the West Virginia seasons, it's like I'm breathing through them.

Freydis and Ref are in a world of their own, a world of love and pain, wrapped in marriage vows.

A married man is a preoccupied man.

Torture is being married to a proud, insensitive man, while an attentive, supportive man lives under the same roof.

Responsibilities fall heaviest on those willing to take the load.

The pull of the mountain is like gravity for my soul.

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