Henry Johnson Jr Quotes

Henry Johnson Jr Quotes

The height of humanity should give birth to greater good. We should be in desperation of "CHANGE" but not in spawning evil, because by doing so, humanity remains shackled.

When the media is controlled by people who runs the world, you are only going to get news that they want you to know. They will paint anther's man country's hero a tyrant, a dictator or a murderer and favor the next just to divide and conquer the people.

The Church is the Heart, not the amount of Sunday services you attend because many people goes to church but still partake in Devilish acts.

Simplicity is better than being pompous.

Success or Failure, there should always be a Drive to Keep on Creating.

Creativity can impact some sort of "CHANGE" in the WORLD. But we must first embrace pure "DIFFERENCES" and work together for a common cause.

Dependable human beings are not a resourceful one.

Liberia gave life, America gives me a DREAM.

A positive MIND is a solid WEAPON.

I am not living my life to impress anyone, not of a big head to degrade anyone, not of negative thoughts to influence anyone. But a positive mind to inspire the people that surrounds me and the world.

Learn to forgive "HATERS" and people who think less of you. Don't bring yourself down to their level, because you know who you are. Be HUMBLE and shower them with unexpected love.

To love you would have to relate, you are a more perfect being if your own existence is logically impossible.

The true "LOVE FOR HUMANITY" is an act of Heroic Genius.

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