Hugh Howey Quotes

Hugh Howey Quotes

We are born, we are shadows, we cast shadows of our own, and then we are gone.

Here’s what I tell the newly elected: the truth is gonna get out - it always does - but it’s gonna blend in with all the lies.” The Senator twirled a hand in the air. “You have to deny each lie and every truth with the same vinegar. Let those websites and blowhards who bitch about cover-ups confuse the public for you.

Heroes didn't win. The heroes were whoever happened to win. History told their story - the dead didn't say a word. All of it was bullshit.

The pressure in the airlock grew, and the folds of her suit found every raised scar across her body, wrinkles pressing where wrinkles had once burned. It was a million pricks from a million gentle needles, every sensitive part of her touched all at once, as if this airlock remembered, as if it knew her. A lover's apology.

These tales of a world, once beautiful, and now fairly forgotten.

Fiction challenges us and works its miracles by placing us in the skin of another human being and teaching us empathy.

Sleep was a vehicle for passing the time, for avoiding the present. It was a trolley for the depressed, the impatient, and the dying.

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