Jared Brock Quotes

Jared Brock Quotes

Work is easy when it’s full of meaning and shared with others.. Jared Brock
Work is easy when it’s full of meaning and shared with others.

Somewhere, somehow, at some unknown intersection between prayer and work, God indwells our humble offering - God indwells us - and turns human actions into spiritual awakenings.

Rest in the knowledge that God is both abundantly gracious and ridiculously generous.

Man’s desire is to know the mind of God.

Prayer changes us because that’s what relationships do.

What good is faith if it causes pain for another? What good is religion if it does no good? What good is any belief that leads to hate?

There comes a point where you need to lose your religion in order to restore your relationship.

Only God gets the glory when revival comes to town.

You know it’s a real salvation when Baptists use cold water.

What are the chances that of all 1.59629 quadrillion square feet of physical land on planet Earth, three major world religions are literally fighting over one single rock?

The battle belongs to the Lord, and we already know that He wins the war.

What if making peace with our warring hearts - peace within - is the first step to world peace?

I believe that people are holy because they’re made in the image of God, and a place can be holy when God is present - but no place is so holy that it’s worth shedding the blood of those who bear the image of God.

Inner stillness is the key to outer strength.

The Kingdom of Heaven wants to rest in our hearts.

Shalom is the medicine I’d prescribe for Jerusalem - a deep, God-breathed indwelling of peace and prosperity and blessing. An end to the unrest and a sense of wholeness is what the Holy City needs. It’s what the Middle East needs. It’s what I need.

Changed people change nations.

There is a season for everything under the sun - even when we can’t see the sun.

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